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July 14, 2009
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Trevor spread the paper out on the table and frowned at the stock market prices.  Ever since Wall Street had gone downhill, everything thing else seemed to as well; as well as any common decency when it came to love in this world.  There were still moments when he couldn’t believe that he had been married for over a full year sometimes.  He rubbed his face with both hands as he tried to will away the itch for a female body that he had been having for the past several weeks.  It had been quite some time since he had kissed a woman, let alone held one in a bear hug other than his mother.
His mother.  She was the one who got him into this mess; arranging a marriage for him behind his back and against his wishes like they were back in medieval England.  True, the woman was a knock out in the physical sense, but she certainly wasn’t his type; and he wasn’t her’s.  They both made that abundantly clear on their wedding night which was spent in separate beds.  Victoria explained to him that her father had his heart set on this marriage and was dying.  Trevor was in basically the same situation with his mother who had cancer while Victoria’s father was suffering from lugarrets disease; so they made an agreement.  If both of their parents died and after a sufficient amount of time after their death they would get a divorce.  Until then, they would live together in separate bedrooms and pretend whenever they saw their parents that they were happily in love.  It was an ok arrangement.  They even grew to be friends after a while.
“Still don’t know how that happened,” Trevor muttered as he made a fresh pot of coffee.
“Is that coffee I smell?” he heard a groggy voice call from the other bedroom.
“Yes!  You want some?”
“Please!” he heard Victoria moan.
He wondered why she wasn’t at work.  It was unusual to have her sleep in until ten on a Saturday morning.  Trevor understood work, but also the value of fun.  The weekday was for work and the weekend was for play, and he kept those hours strictly.  Victoria was a nurse and worked strange hours that he could not understand.  She often worked from early morning hours of Saturday morning all day and into Sunday.  He often wondered how either of them got to know each other with her odd hours.  Especially when they first got married they made an effort to know facts about each other so they could answer prying questions from pesky relations.
Lately, Trevor had even noted that he could tell Victoria’s different moods.  She was agitated when she ran her fingers through her hair.  Nervous when she fiddled with her necklace.  Excited when she sort of bounced on her heels.  Trevor grinned at the image.  She was certainly a funny girl, that one.  He then though of a new motion he had been observing lately and wondered at it.  It was a quick twisting of the fingers and pulling away.  She had only started doing it for the past couple weeks.  It had been after a dinner one night.  They didn’t really enjoy those dinners, because they had to look romantic for their parents or any friends they happened to be with and would have much rather have spent the evening talking as friends instead of spouses.  He remembered it so well because he had spotted a family in the restaurant that looked like they were having a rough time, but by the look in the parents eyes they were giving themselves a treat that night.  He waved the waiter over and told him that he would cover their bill.  Victoria asked him why he did that, and he shrugged.  The two of them had enough money, and if he could help others hold on to a little of it to help their children, why shouldn’t he spread some of his money around?  It was the least he could do.
Trevor shook his head.  He really needed to stop observing and analyzing all the time.  That was what made him a good stock broker, but certainly not a good conversationalist.  “Why aren’t you at work?” he asked Victoria as the coffee finished brewing.
“They told me to take a break and visit with my husband,” Victoria said wryly as she entered the dining room and sat down at the table.  “Give me coffee,” she said in a voice that sounded as it belonged more to a zombie than a woman.
He tried not to let his mouth drop as she walked in the room.  Whenever she came out of her room she was always neat in her scrubs uniform, with her hair pulled back in a pony tail.  Today she came out with her loose pajamas and a robe tied loosely around her waist and glasses sitting on her dainty nose.  He was incredibly aroused at the sight of her in her glasses.  They were plastic in a tribute to the 80s style, but the square glasses on her face surrounding her short, chin length hair made her big brown eyes seem magnified with their bright sleepy sparkle.  He couldn’t believe how much desire was flowing through him that moment.  He didn’t even know this kind of desire existed.
Lucky for him she was too absorbed in drinking her black coffee than paying attention to him.  They had been spending more and more time lately together, and it was beginning to affect him was all.  He didn’t hate her—it wasn’t her fault they were together.  Heck, she fought harder than he did against it!  It didn’t make her the enemy.
“Is it because of the boy?” Trevor asked, not meaning to make it sound harsh, but he needed to get his mind off of her.
“Yeah.  David,” Victoria said with a small sigh.  “His death is just hitting me harder than normal.”
He had died two weeks ago.  Trevor had come home on a Thursday night to find Victoria balled into a corner of the sofa crying.  He decided that the best thing he could do was sit next to her and hold her.  Since that night they had become even closer, sharing the grief.  He didn’t know the boy, but he knew that Victoria took her work as a nurse very seriously.
“The funeral was a couple of days ago, right?”
“You remembered,” Victoria smiled.  “He was one of my oldest patients.  Cancer at four and lives only until twelve.  It just hit me a little harder this time around this time.”
“You were his nurse for most of his time in the hospital.  Of course you get hit a little harder,” Trevor said as his insides swam hot as he gazed at those glasses on her nose.  “I didn’t know you wore glasses.”
Victoria glanced up with confusion.  “You normally only see me with my contacts on.  I don’t normally wear my glasses, but today I didn’t feel like trying to put my contacts on.  Why are you staring at me like that?”
“I like them,” Trevor muttered.  If she kept looking at him that way he might do something stupid.  Like kiss her. He jumped up and nearly knocked Victoria over.  He apologized and said something about making breakfast.  He was no chef, but he could cook a couple eggs in any sort of style someone asked for.  “Where did that thought come from?  Why would I want to kiss her?” Trevor asked himself angrily as he cracked the eggs and began making Victoria an omelet.  He was half way through cooking it when he realized he observed so much of Victoria that he didn’t even need to ask her how she wanted her eggs!  It was ridiculous.  He glanced back at Victoria and his heart thumped hard at his chest.  The glasses had slipped down her nose a little as she read her favorite section of the paper.  It made him want to snatch her up and gobble her up.
“Maybe I need some woman companionship,” Trevor growled to himself.  Then he realized that there were no other women companions that he wanted to go to dinner with.  The only one he wanted to do it with was Victoria.  The phone rang and he picked it up furiously.
“What?” he spat into the phone.
“Is Victoria there?” a male voice answered.  Trevor’s dark mood got several shades darker as he refused to recognize the agony in his gut as jealousy.
“She just woke up.  Can I take a message?”
“This is David’s father, and I just wanted to thank her again for everything she had done for David before her died.”
“His death hit her pretty hard,” Trevor said as he wiped a hand over his face, wishing his could take back the words.  “I’ll tell her.”
“I’d like to take her out to dinner, if you don’t mind actually.  Are you her brother?”
Trevor decided maybe he didn’t want to take those words back.  “I’m her husband.”
“Oh.  I’m sorry.  Please give her my message.”
“I’m sure I will.”  Trevor tried not to break the phone as he placed it back in its cradle.  “That was David’s dad.”
“And you didn’t let me talk to him?” Victoria asked as she stood up to go to Trevor.  “That was rude.”
“You can barely walk you’re so sleepy,” Trevor said firmly as he put Victoria’s egg on a plate.  He handed it to her, put the skillet on another burner and turned off the stove.  He crossed his arms and leaned against the stove, glowering at her as she cautiously watched him as she ate her egg.  “He said to tell you thank you.  Oh, and he wants to take you out to dinner.  Apparently, I’m your brother.”  Victoria paled at these words and choked on her bite of egg.  “Do you want to go out with him?”  Jealous was ripe within him.  It was made him want to go on a rampage through the apartment and break everything.  And then take Victoria to his bed and show her that she was his.  That thought shook him more than anything else.  He had never wanted to take a woman so badly to bed, and he had made sure he never bed anyone before Victoria or during their marriage.  He wouldn’t break his vows even though he and Victoria didn’t really have a proper wedding night.
“I always wear my ring and I never thought that it was necessary.  I thought the nurse grape vine would tell him” Victoria said slowly.  Trevor realized with a semi dark grin that she knew that he was angry.  “I had no idea that he had these intentions to me.”
“Did you ever wear your glasses to work?” he demanded.
“What?” Victoria asked with confusion.
“Did you wear your glasses to work?” he demanded again.
“Only a couple times, but I don’t see how that applies to this sit—”
“Of course it does!” Trevor all but snarled at her as he began to pace the kitchen.  “One glance at you with those glasses on would have any man falling at your feet you look so sexy in them.”
“I do?” Victoria asked with surprise.  The fingers twisting at each other were back again, but Trevor barely noticed.
“You’re driving me nuts right now,” he said darkly.
“What can I do to help?” Victoria questioned as she came towards him with concern.  That was when Trevor knew he was in trouble.  He had gone and fallen headlong in love with her!  His mother loved him, but never wanted to help him solve an issue he had.  Here she was, having her own issues and was coming towards him with the most adorable concerned face Trevor had ever known.
“Don’t come near me,” he ordered as he stepped away from her.
“Why?” Victoria asked as she just stepped closer anyway.
“Because if you touch me I might do something stupid.  Stop!” Trevor said as he tried to avoid Victoria’s touch.
“Good,” she answered.
“What?” he asked, stunned for a moment which allowed Victoria to wrap her arms around his neck.  “Victoria,” he said as he tried to hold himself rigid.
“Good to see that I’m not the only one going insane,” Victoria said as she ran her fingers through his hair.  “I love your hair.  So black and straight.  I’ve wanted to touch it for months now.”  Trevor bit back a groan as she kissed the hollow spot in his neck.  “I love your eyes.  So blue.  So serious and thoughtful, but a spark of humor in them anyway.  So kind.”  She kissed his jaw line where there was still some stubble that he missed from shaving.
“Victoria,” he whispered, afraid to do anything else; say anything else.
“We’re married,” Victoria whispered to him as they kissed for the first time since their marriage ceremony.  Trevor let loose an almost animal growl as he crushed Victoria to him.  The pajamas she was wearing left nothing to the imagination, and Trevor knew that if he didn’t break it off soon he would take her as inexperienced as both of them were with sex.  He tried to push her away, but she just clung to him more.
“I love you,” she said fiercely as she kissed him again.  His brain numbed.  “I think I have for a while, but I didn’t figure it out until you paid for that family’s dinner.  You are so kind.  I’ve been trying to tell you for weeks.”
“That’s what that meant,” Trevor said more to himself than Victoria.  He swooped her in his arms and headed to his bedroom.
“What?” Victoria asked breathlessly as she attacked his shirt desperately.
“You were twisting and pulling your fingers.  I couldn’t figure out why you were doing it,” he said as he tore the robe from Victoria.  “I just figured out I love you too.”
“What took you so long?” she asked with a breathless laugh.  “Are you ready to make this a real marriage?”
“Way ahead of you,” Trevor said as he pulled off his shirt.  “Don’t talk now.  We’ve got plenty of time for that later.”

Saturday Morning in New Yorkby waterearthgoddess

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Romance / Post-Teen (Mature) / Short Stories©2009-2014 waterearthgoddess
Just finished a really great Nora Roberts book. For those of you have read her, you can see where I got my inspiration for this short story!
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