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March 10, 2011
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I swear.  There are days when I truly believe that there must be another Prince Arthur that I'm supposed to protect and who will be this amazing king because it's not this one.
The pratt.
I don't know how his other servants put up with him!  Throwing things (dull and sharp) at my head, insulting me constantly (at least I insult him back), and all of the work he gives me!  Between him and Gaius I sometimes think they want me to drop dead.  Not like Arthur would care.
That's not quite true.  He has helped out a few times.  Like when I drank that poison and he went to get the only flower that would cure me.  Or when my village was in trouble he fought for them.  Can't forget when I was supposed to have been thrown in jail.  I think I just disproved my own theories.  He's still an arrogant pratt of a clotpole.  Every so often he does something that makes me think that the Great Dragon was right in saying that he will be the greatest king ever seen.
Of course that brings to mind the things the dragon also said about Morgana.  I never thought that she would become a danger to me, Arthur, or even Gwen.  To purposefully put them into danger because of her hatred for Uther.  We are cut of the same cloth and yet our patterns are as different as night and day.  And yet she is able to deceive them all!  I have deceived her as well—she still does not know I also have magic and have thwarted many of her spells.  I still hold out hope that she'll change.  Gwen always seems to believe that people can change.  I've got to be honest though; if Gwen and Arthur exchange one more longing look as they walk down the hall I might be sick.  They really are perfect for each other.  She is the smarter half after all!
I should get going.  Gaius has me cleaning the leech tank again.  If he'd only let me off the hook just once.  Like that will ever happen.  He treats me like a son and he is the only father I'll ever have.  Gaius is pretty good as father's go.  And now that's Arthur, bellowing for me to clean his armor.
A wizard…….A servant………….My work is never done.

If Merlin Had a waterearthgoddess

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Science Fiction / Short Stories©2011-2014 waterearthgoddess
I am also obsessed with this series. It's a problem. Not really, but other people think it may be!

I was inspired the other night (mainly having NO customers where I worked and I was really bored) by thinking "What if the characters in Merlin had a journal?" And that was it. I had to start writing. There will be more!!!!!!!!! :D
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