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March 10, 2011
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Hmmmmmm…………What should I make Merlin do today?  I think I had him clean my armor yesterday but it wouldn't hurt to make him clean it again.  I should also make him hold my targets for knife throwing today as punishment for messing up my dinner last night.  Faeries stealing my food—how stupid does he think I am?  Never mind that.  There are times when I truly believe that only half of his brain exists in that thick head of his.
Then he has these moments when he acts so wise; like he knows things that I don't know which is of course ridiculous.  I do have to admit, where no one else can read this, every so often he shows true insight into matters of all kinds.  Perhaps Merlin plays a fool sometimes to make me think he isn't all that smart.
Not possible.  No one is that stupid to try that.
Except for Gwen perhaps, but she doesn't need to stop to such low methods.  One look at her lovely face and who could help but do as she asks?  I know that it can never be.  A servant and a prince.  It is not done and cannot be done.  And yet she is with me at all hours of the day and night.  She tries not to show her feelings and will call me Prince Arthur to try and establish a barrier between us; as if to remind herself that I am better than her.  I am not better than her at all—her heart is pure and her intentions without guile.
How quickly my philosophies have changed over the course of a couple years!  Servants are people to be respected and helped the same as a nobleman.  Gwen taught me that.  And my ideas on how to run a country, and what it truly means to be a good king have been turned upside down.  Merlin may have a bit to do with it of course with all of his nagging.  Even… I must say it here if nowhere else.  Even my views on magic has changed.  Maybe it is not all one sided and not everyone who uses magic is evil.  I follow my king but these are the thought I have kept to myself.  I have seen things with magic that are not bad or terrible at all.  When I killed the unicorn I brought the curse one.  It was magic meant to protect just as I am meant to protect my people.  It is something to contemplate further.
Where is Merlin?  Lazy pest.  My armor needs cleaning.

If Arthur Had a waterearthgoddess

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Science Fiction / Short Stories©2011-2014 waterearthgoddess
Second installment of the Had a Journal series. I really enjoyed getting inside of Arthur's head!
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